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December 12, 2012 / mistergasman

Part 0: Software used

Archicad is a procedural modeling program, mostly used by architects.

+Every object is created by parameters. And can be adjusted any time.

+You can model in 2D and 3D.

+Very sustainable, even after 12 years the files can be opened and adjusted in the most recent version!

+Large library of extra objects available (to buy).

-Not a free hand modeling program, so difficult when specific shapes (rounded) are needed.

-Export to limited 3D formats.

-Limited texturing settings

Function in this project:

The models of the village we use where already created 12 years ago in Archicad software. They are updated this year though.

Blender is a free open source program.

+ Hand build everything!

+ Free and open source, always access to the source code.

+ Wide range of functions: modeling, texturing, animation, sculpting, video-editing,…

+ Wide range of 3D formats to export.

+ Light software to run on the pc/mac

+ Large community

– Not procedural, so difficult to adjust.

– Loat’s of functions, but sometimes lacks specific tasks.

Function in this project:

We use Blender to adjust/add textures on the Archicad models and create specific models that needs hand modeling.

Photoshop is an image editing program.

+ Most used image program (.psd)

+ Uses layers, easy edjustable.

+ Can import/export to many formats.

+ Very sustainable.

– Pretty expensive (free alternative: Gimp).

– Can use huge amount of computer memory.

E-on Vue is a nature modeling program.

+ Can handle billions op polygons

+ Uses ecosystem layers (plant scattering algorithms, procedural so based on parameters).

+ Procedural textures

+ Large scale terrains with high detail.

+ Animation ( sky/cloud moving, wind on plants, water,…)

– Small community

– You can never have enough ram and cpu speed.

– Sustainable?

– Serious amount of bugs.

Function in this project:

We use Vue to create the terrain and all the vegetation textures and plants. All the rendering and animation is done in Vue, so every model has to be imported.


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